Welcome to my virtual gallery!

Photography 'happened' to me when I enrolled on a City & Guilds course in London back in 1991.  What started as mere curiosity soon turned into a very rewarding hobby and, two 'credits' and two 'distinctions' later, I became sort of addicted to photography.

I've always considered myself more of an image-maker than a photographer, as would get more enjoyment from the work in the darkroom than from taking pictures. Quite fortunate really as, being Brazilian, I often shy away from the great British outdoors. For me, hardly anything could beat the thrill of fixing on paper that one image as perceived through the viewfinder - and being able to control the whole process; from pressing the shutter, to developing the film, to producing the print.

My general approach to photography is purely instinctive. Capturing the image is only the beginning of a very rewarding creative process that will eventually lead me to convey my interpretation of the original. To this end, I enjoy experimenting and choosing the best approach to suit each image.

I hope you'll enjoy looking at these images as much as I have enjoyed creating them.